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Increasing Your Homes Energy Efficiency

Mini-split air conditioners are a crucial part of any modern home. They work as a regular air conditioner but without the ducts. Mini-split systems can both heat and cool your home, and they won’t lose cooled air to duct leakage, increasing your homes energy efficiency. Get mini-split cleaning services in Cape Cod MA through hands of professional and experienced crew members of Anderson Air Duct Cleaning.


Mini-Split Air Conditioner Cleaning

Many people are switching to ductless mini split systems because of their ease of installation and easy repairs. However, over time dust and debris can buildup on the system’s coils and fans. It is recommended these systems be cleaned twice a year, similar to standard air conditioning systems. Experts like Anderson Air Duct Cleaning analyze mini-split systems by using proper instruments and techniques.

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High-pressure Air 175 Psi Air Tools And Brush

Our dryer vent cleaning service uses high-pressure air 175 psi air tools, and a brush, if necessary, to remove lint from inside the dryer to the outside vent.

Using 26-gauge Galvanized Steel 

Moreover, in the installation procedure, we rebuild dryer vents by using 26-gauge galvanized steel throughout the system. If the steel cannot be used, we use a top-rated fire resistant flexible aluminum product.

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